Surface Enhancement treatment

Wet Look Sealers darken stone, tiles and grout

Many stone types show a different beauty when treated with colour-enhancing products. Generally this means a change to show a 'Wet Look' finish, without affecting the texture of the stone. The enhanced finish is approximately two shades darker than its original colour.

Darkening treatments using a Wet Look Sealer are particularly effective on darker-coloured natural stone (such as basalt or coloured marble) but can also be effective on tiles and grout. A small test area can determine the exact final colour that can be achieved.

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Wet Look Sealers can reverse fading

Darker-coloured natural stone that has been exposed to the sun can experience fading over time. This tends to make the surface look 'washed-out' and pale.

A Wet Look Sealer is not a colourant - it does not artificially colour the stone, it actually enhances and magnifies the natural colour of the stone. This means that it is possible to fully recover the stone's original natural colour and reverse all signs of fading.

Wet Look Sealers offer superior sealing

Surface Enhancement has the added benefit of incorporating one of the best-quality sealers around, giving optimum protection from future staining or other damage. To read about our other sealing options visit the Stain-Guarding page.

Darkening treatments are permanent

The colour change achieved from a Wet Look Sealer  is virtually permanent, so it’s important to be sure about the wet look. For this reason, all clients will be shown how the finish will affect their surface on a small unobtrusive test area.

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Wet Look Sealer photos:

Wet Look Sealers can enhance the natural beauty of stone

Wet Look Sealer demonstrationThe pale central tile of this floor is original colouring, while all the surrounding tiles have been applied with a Wet Look Sealer using a Slique Surface Enhancement treatment.

Wet Look Sealers can restore a faded or damaged stone surface to original colour

Wet Look Sealer to restore faded composite stone, before restorationThis composite stone shower was faded and damaged when the wrong cleaning product was used to clean it; it was restored using a Wet Look Sealer to return it to it's natural colour.Wet Look Sealer restored this composite stone shower

A Wet Look Sealer darkens the stone's natural colour by 2-3 shades

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