Stone & Tile Restoration, Protection & Maintenance

Expert Tile Cleaning and Stone Care Treatments

Slique ensures that you obtain maximum value from your stone and tiles by providing world-class restoration and maintenance treatments. Our range of services is extensive, covering all types of stone and tile surfaces whether inside or outside. All Slique treatments are developed using cutting edge chemical and mechanical technology and sourced internationally by us. Whatever your surface – whether it’s inside or outside, on the floor or somewhere else entirely – Slique can treat it.

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Stone and Tile Restoration treatments

With any stone or tile surface, everyday use wears down finishes and causes grime build-up. Unavoidable spills, knocks and scratches gradually affect a surface’s appearance. Restorative treatments are designed to reverse this damage, and make your stone or tiles look as good as new.

Restorative treatments include:


Stone and Tile Protection treatments

Once your surface is rejuvenated (or even better, when it’s still new) there are steps you can take to make sure it stays looking like new for as long as possible. Protective treatments will extend the life of your stone or tile surface, and make it easier to live with and take care of.

Protective treatments include:


Other treatments

Slique also offers Maintenance treatments to keep your surface looking great in the long-term, and specialist  independent consulting on industry issues. We also have a select range of home-use products available for purchase.

Slique provides specialist tile cleaning, restoration and protection services

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