Technical Information

Slique has a wide range of technical information available, including:


Stone and tile reference manual

Written specifically for architects and interior designers, as well as anyone who needs in-depth information on each of the different stone and tile types. Includes chemical composition, characteristics, as well as recommended treatments and what's possible in terms of maintenance and restoration. A hard copy of this document is available by request - to request a copy contact your local Slique branch.


Training specifications for commercial cleaners

Commercial properties are often cleaned by commercial cleaners, who may or may not know how to care for stone surfaces. These training specifications are designed for commercial cleaners and train them how to maintain stone or tiles without inadvertantly causing any damage. To read more, click here.


Toolkit - everything you need to maintain stone

Maintenance of large or commercial properties is much easier with the right equipment. This document discloses everything that is necessary for large-scale maintenance of a stone or tile surface. This document is available by request - to request a copy  contact your local Slique branch.


Benefits of sealing and coatings

Protecting a surface has wide-spread benefits, not least of which is the reduced cost of maintenance and substantially reduced risk of damage. To read more, click here.


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