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If you want to get a rough idea of price, or you're in a hurry and want the job done ASAP, we're happy to provide online estimates via email.

Simply copy-and-paste the form below, complete the information, and email it to us at with photos of the area if possible. We'll email your estimate back to you within 3 working days.

There are a few conditions to receiving an online estimate:

  • The information you provide must be accurate, and all estimates are subject to final on-site confirmation of the details submitted.
  • Accurate pricing can only be provided with a site visit. (Estimates can be confirmed as accurate, or adjusted if necessary, by Technicians prior to starting the job). 
  • Estimates are valid for a period of 3 months.


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Description of rooms:

e.g. granite floors in kitchen, entryway, and bathroom; sandstone patio and pool surround; marble benchtop. If you have several areas with different problems, please complete a separate section for each.

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Total area m2:

If you are confident working out the size in square metres, please provide it. If not, tell us the measurements of a single tile, and count how many tiles you have - we'll work it out.

Stone or tile type:

If you aren't sure, look for a spare tile and send us a photo of the front and back.

Describe the problem:

Be as clear as possible - refer to our Common Problems section for help. Please include photos of the problem, both of the entire area, and close-ups of the problem.


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