External areas (tile or stone)

Regular cleaning

Use this for your regular cleaning. Note that use of chemicals is not always required.

  1. Remove loose grit from the surface using a soft broom.
  2. Light loose surface grime (leaf mould, grit etc) may require a dilute solution of neutral cleaner agitated into the surface, which can then be removed using a wet vac or mop.  
  3. Heavy grime (oil stains, bird poo, grease etc) will need a stronger alkaline solution to remove (such as Slique Heavy Duty tile cleaner). A wet vac is recommended to assist this process. 
  4. Note that sealed tiles will require more regular re-sealing to maintain best protection.


Periodic cleaning

Intensive periodic cleaning can be accomplished using an auto scrubber equipped with medium brushes or pad drives with red pads. Use a solution of approved alkaline cleaning agents and rinse clean on completion.


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