Grout Colour Re-scheming treatment

Change your Grout Colour

Grouting is often more porous that the stone it supports, and as a result it can discolour rapidly. It can also date a surface if the Grout Colour you have chosen is no longer the look-de-jour.

Slique Grout Colour Re-scheming offers a cost-effective way to refresh the look of your surface without replacing the most expensive element – the stone or tile. A Change of Grout Colour can make the area look entirely different. Simply choose the Grout Colour you want from a wide range of grout colours and our technicians will apply it for you.

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Restore Dirty Grout

Alternatively, Grout Colour Re-scheming can be used if you just want to make your original Grout Colour look new again. The treatment will simply be completed with a Grout Colour that matches your existing colour, and once complete your grouting will look as it did when it was originally installed - without grime, mould, or discolourations. 

Waterproof Grout Sealing

Grout Colour Re-scheming makes grouting completely impervious to water and stains, preventing it from discolouring again. This is the only treatment available to make grout completely waterproof – and it’s guaranteed for 10 years.

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A Change of Grout Colour can make a whole surface look new again

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